What is Online Physio? How does it work?

It really is simple. I email or text you a link which you click on when it is your session time. You (and your child) can see me and I can see you. The session will generally follow a format similar to a face to face physio session. I may ask you to have some everyday household objects available to use if we are working on motor skills (eg. balls, a broomstick, a cardboard box…). Depending on the age and needs of your child, you may need to be present for the session. After the session, you will be provided with a summary of the session with recommendations for activities to continue on with, as required.

Families are often amazed how well it works! Because you are the therapists’ “hands ” during the session, a coaching approach is strongly utilised, which is wonderful for increasing parents’ knowledge and confidence.

Do I need any special software or equipment?

No, not at all. The link will open on any phone, tablet or computer. You just need internet access and access to your phone camera or a webcam on your computer. More detailed information on the process is available on this website. I use secure software (usually Zoom or Coviu) and can adapt to your particular internet and software needs.

What about funding?

The majority of the kids and young people that I see have an NDIS plan. The NDIA have always been supportive of services being provided through telehealth and have confirmed their support of teletherapy during this Covid-19 crisis.

I am registered to provided physio supports for agency managed NDIS participants over 7 years and can provide supports for babies, children of all ages and young people who are plan or self-managing.

I’m not sure it will work, can I have a trial?

Of course! I have a number of time slots per week that are set aside to have an initial chat and for you to see whether Rockpool Physio Online Services are right for you.

What about after the Covid-19 crisis is over?

I have been interested in tele-therapy for a long time and think that this model of service delivery has many benefits for a wide variety of people. There are many reasons why accessing in-home therapy can be difficult for families, including living in a rural/remote location, infection control concerns, other siblings’ needs or other family circumstances.

When things go “back to normal” I intend to continue to deliver physio services using this format primarily. I intend to also offer some additional services such as face to face ‘intensive’ sessions and assessments. These will be held in specified weeks of the term or in school holidays. I am situated in the Hunter Valley but am happy to provide remote (online) services for participants living anywhere in Australia.