Child paddling canoeThere has been a lot of information in the media around NDIS and therapy services in Early Childhood, but what about physiotherapy for the older child or teenager?

It is true that there is evidence of therapy being at its most effective in the ‘magic window’ of early childhood, but there are certainly many, many benefits that can come from physiotherapy intervention with older children.

I personally love working with older children and teenagers and I believe that physiotherapy supports are, in general, really under-utilised in this age group. Older kids know what they like and dislike and physiotherapy can be of great benefit in helping kids to access and ‘upskill’ at the things they love to do. Sometimes kids need the opportunity to move their bodies in different ways or in different environments and that is where physio can really come into its own as well.

Physios are movement experts. We are good at looking at innovative ways of doing things and helping kids (and adults) of all ages getting the best out of the bodies they live in. Movement is instrumental to our experience as humans and kids, in particular, find deep joy in moving their bodies.

My most rewarding and joy-filled moments as a physio have nearly all been around watching the unbridled joy on the face of a child as they have accomplished something new. Riding a bike, going down the ‘big slide’ for the first time, moving their bodies through water, scoring a soccer goal, or just lifting their head to smile at dad – movement brings joy to kids.

I hope that the NDIS will be an opportunity for real innovation and even disruption to traditional therapy services. As a physio working with kids I see myself merely as facilitator, a problem solver. Sure, I have skills and experience built up over many years, but the kids are the boss. They are the experts on how their bodies move and on what brings them joy. I hope I can help with that.

Kim xx